How can you win as an Israeli founder in the UK? How do you hire the best people and raise funds from top Venture Capitalists all while building a global startup?

The Israeli Tech Parliament is hosting a meetup with Vivi, Shachar and Ofri who have all raised money from leading UK VCs.

The meetup promises to talk openly and honestly about building Startups, raising money in the UK vs IL and the secrets on making it here.

Israel Tech Parliament meetups are for investors, entrepreneurs with an active interest in the technology


18:30-19:00 – Get together
19:00-19:45 – Founders Panel
19:45-20:00 – Q&A
20:00-20:15 – Firgun time – Paying it forward
20:15 -21:30 – Networking

You can apply to attend the event on Israel Tech Parliament Meetup page.