“It is up to rich and prosperous countries to help their poorer neighbours”

Bill Clinton

Dear Readers


I’m writing to express my desire to support Palestinian Businesses from overseas and from the Palestinian territories.

With Bilateral trade and investment between Israel and the UK growing year on year, attempts to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel has failed to make a positive difference for the enterprising Palestinian Businessman or woman that want to get on a build a more promising future.

Last year, I also co-led a group of international and local musicians as part of Music on The Wind tour, performing live to communities on ‘both sides’ of Israel and Palestine. The aim was to invest in the people through the healing and restoration power of live music, regardless of their background.

In the spring two friends and I opened the International Prayer Room in Bethlehem. The aim is to encourage Westerners visiting Israel to spend time in the West Bank, and find sanctuary in one of the most politically contested areas of the world. 

During the spring tour I met with Palestinian businessmen and women in the West Bank, to try to understand what they need from Western consumers and businesses to help them and other Palestinians build a financially independent and prosperous future. This inspired me to write a series of articles called Partnering for Palestinian Prosperity. The articles will be published of Times Of Israel blogger page and I am pitching the articles to media channels that would welcome the topics.

The aim of the series is to demonstrate that under very challenging circumstances, Palestinians have persevered to build businesses and viable ventures that are worthy of active encouragement and investment.

I put forward the case that partnering with Palestinian businesses through trade is essential in creating a legacy of economic sustainability, and peaceful and prosperous co-existence between communities in the region.

Partnering for Palestinian Prosperity article series:-

Completed and ready to be published on and LinkedIn Pulse

    1. Supporting Palestinian Business from Overseas – live 
    2. The International Organisations Supporting Palestinian Development – pending publish November 2019
    3. Accelerators and Incubators in the West Bank & Gaza – to be published in December 2019
    4. Goodness in Gaza. Creative ventures We Should All Get Behind – to be published in December 2019
    5. Forerunners of Feminism. Palestinian Women Making Waves in the Middle East – to be published in January 2020
    6. Pioneers in Palestine – Startup Success Stories – to be published in January 2020
    7. Palestinian Businesses Ready ready to supply the UK Market – to be published in January 2020
    8. Palestine’s rising tech influencer – to be published in February 2020
    9. Talent in the Territories – A closer look at the positive projects in the West Bank and Israel – to be published in Febuary 2020
    10. Rising stars. Palestinian Women setting an example in tech entrepreneurship –to be published in February 2020
    11. Trading Through Differences – Israeli and Palestinian Projects Building Bridge – to be published in March 2020
    12. What the Palestinian Tech Community need to scale – to be published in March 2020
    13. A summary of the “The tech startup ecosystem in the West Bank and Gaza” World Bank report     2018 – to be published in March 2020


You are invited on this journey to take action to support Palestinians, rather than anger towards Israel, to help create a prosperous self-sustaining Palestinian region.

Jon Simmons

Co-Founder of I61Collective