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There are so options to consider, asset classes to asses, when weighing up how to invest in Israel. At, we try to make the complex simple, without providing investment advice or guidance. Israeli businesses that want to raise funds, or to penetrate a western market, will float their business, officially termed, IPO (initial public offering)

You dont want to take risks on startup businesses that are considered higher risk investments, but instead are interested in established publically listed companies that you can buy via a licensed stock exchange?

You dont have the time to do all the research to find out which companies were genuinely founded by Israeli’s entrepreneurs.

You want the full list of Israeli-founded companies that are publically available to buy stocks in a number of minutes, rather than taking days?

With the updated Israeli Stock List, you get a full up-to-date list of the Israeli Founded Companies in seconds!

Free Israeli Stocks


This simple-but-mighty Google spreadsheet turns complexity into simplicity, providing you with all of the Israeli Founded companies that are publically listed on three major financial markets; The NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

All the coding is in-built and if you do decide to purchase stocks in any of the companies via your broker and track them, all you need to do is enter two fields of information. It’s super easy.

The Israeli Founded Companies Stock Tracker will guide you through:

Israeli companies listed on the:

✔️London Stock Exchange ✔️New York Stock Exchange ✔️NASDAQ

✔️ Easily track your percentage gain or loss on the trades you choose to make

✔️ Keep a record in an organised, simple spreadsheet


“The Israel Stock List is the most simple way to identify all of the Israeli companies listed on the Western Financial Markets

Paul Thomas – Startup Financial Modeling Consultant

“I was a fan of’s articles as they highlight investment opportunities in Israel without providing financial advice. The Israel Stock Tracker is a clear and easy way to identify all the Israel Stocks. Get your copy today

Jerry Frempong- Founder of CVLondon


  • What is it the Israeli Stock List Updated?

It’s a Google Sheets document containing a list of all the Israeli founded companies on the financial markets. These companies are registered as being founded by Israeli entrepreneurs. The founders are often renknown among the business communities.

Should you decide to buy stock in one of the companies listed, then you can enter the price that you paid, and the number of stocks, into highlighted green cell. The Tracker will use the power of Google finance to update the market price of the stock. The tracker will show you whether you are in profit or loss against the Google Finance market price.

Essentially, it’s a simple and clear way to track the stock price performance of Israeli founded companies on the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange, in one simple Google Sheet that you own!

  • Why are you making it public?

Because it’s very, very good – and people want to buy something that makes their investment journey simpler!

As the director of, I often get asked by supporters of Israel, “How can I invest in Israeli businesses without having to break the bank”? connects Non-Israeli citizens with Israeli Investment and Immigration professionals services companies with foreign investors. Our main area of focus is Israeli Real Estate and Funds on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. However, many cannot afford this level of investment. This is why we created the Israel Stock Tracker.

If you want to support Israeli businesses then you can’t afford to not have a tool like this in your arsenal; we’re genuinely very happy to be able to help Israel enthusiasts and small time investors with an educational tracker tool.

  • What’s included in the download?

A tracker containing the Israeli founded companies publicly listed on three main financial markets is fully updated for spring 2021. You will receive a short screenshare video showing a walkthrough of how to use the tool.

Also, there is a link to a Google Sheets version, which you’ll be able to copy to your own Drive and work on from there. Something for everyone!

  • Who are you?

We’re – a London based community that empowers Non-Israeli investors keen to invest in the “innovation nation”.

So far we have successfully connected investors from India, The US, The UK and Canada with Israeli Real Estate, legal services and investment professionals. Our introductions have helped people make their own informed and objective decisions when it comes to investing in Israel.

  • Can’t I get this free from somewhere else?

Not this template! We developed this specifically for our own operations.

You will, of course, find many free on the internet. But none of them are specific to invest in Israeli founded companies.
(If they did, we wouldn’t have created this tool!)

Who is this product NOT for?

Not for – Get rich quick mindset people. Instead, the Israeli Stock Tracker is suited to the passive stock investors. For investors who take the long term view.

Not for – People that think that Israeli companies are invincible or not susceptable to negative market conditions. Not all companies are created equal!

  • What’s your refund policy?

This is a digital product, and once it’s been downloaded, users have full and unlimited access to the Google Sheet.

For that reason, we’re not able to offer a blanket refund policy – much like sellers of most digital educational digital products.

That said, we’re here to make people happy and to provide them with value. So if you don’t feel like this product is for you, just email Jon at within 14 days of purchasing and we will work something out.


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