Our Objective

Our aim is to support our small but growing community to invest in commercial ventures. Ventures owned by Israel’s diverse communities. We want to bring the ‘Start Our aim is to bring the ‘Startup nation’ to the UK, to empower not only experienced investors but aspiring investors to take make an informed, research decision to actively invest in Israel.


We pay our team of experienced freelance writers to write high-quality investment and business related articles. Our aim is to publish content that empowers our like minded community to make well-informed investment decisions. Where there is information from reputable media sources we will curate content. Our shoe string budget can only go so far.

Administration staff

Guest posts are currently provided by specialists in their field. Our plan is to take on board a part time member of staff to help us build a presence here in the UK.

Ongoing site maintenance

Building an online audience is expensive. Encouraging people to invest in ventures owned by Israel’s diverse ethnic communities also has its challenges. Israelinvestment.org isn’t about making a few of Israel’s wealthy gain even more from outside investors looking for a quick return. Our aim is to encourage investment into financially viable ventures with potential for returns across Israel’s diverse communities so that more than just a few prosper.


Funded by attendees, so your donation won’t be going towards an event management costs, unless you specify this.

We would love you to come on board on this journey with us. If you have any questions then please email at info@israelinvestment.org

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