BUYING BONDS from outside of israel..

The bond includes a commitment from the Israeli government to pay the loan back, plus an agreed rate of interest while using your money – known as the bond coupon or yield. Your loan amount (bond price) is returned to you when the bond matures after a fixed period of time: anywhere from a few weeks to 50 years.

Anyone in the world can buy bonds from any country in the world. You do not need to be a citizen or resident of Israel to buy and Israeli government bond.

Similar to the global financial collapse in 2008 drove many investors to increase the percentage of government bonds in their portfolio. In contrast, the Israeli economy not only weathered the 2008 financial crisis, but grew.

Financial observers have attributed Israels success to firm fiscal management.

While many countries urge their citizens to buy government bonds as an expression of patriotism, informed investors will buy government bonds from a nation showing both political and economic stability. 


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Today the astonishing innovation coming out of Israel has earned it the title The Startup Nation, and the Government Bonds are desirable to many foreign investors.

American billionaire Warren Buffet bought $5 million in Israel bonds for himself, and convinced a group of colleagues to buy another $60 million. Jewish Telegraph Agency.

The international ratings agency announced on Oct 24, 2020 that Israel will maintain its A1 credit ranking, despite the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This stands as an encouraging achievement given that credit ratings have been reduced for around 40 countries in 2020. (Israel bonds are not rated)

From 1951 to Feb. 2017, Israel has harnessed more than $40 billion in bond investments to drive its economy to the forefront of global innovation

Why Israeli government bonds?

1. Longer term financial security

Israel enjoys the enviable position of having never once missed a debt payment. That makes Israel government bonds to be considered as one of the most secure investments available — purchased by investors considering safeguarding their retirement funds, or to preserve wealth for the next generation.


Israel has used its bond capital to build an economic powerhouse: Number One in the world per capital for high-tech startups, for venture capital investment, for medical equipment patents, and for published scientific papers.

3. Supporting a Modern miracle

A country that has been forced to fight defensive wars since its birth, fend off countless terrorist and missile attacks, endure boycotts and refute gross disinformation about its actions.

A small nation, with a population smaller than that of greater London, has become a world leader in bio-med, information technology, water reclamation, green-tech, military and cyber-defense, medical innovation and more.

4. SupportiNG MORALITY

Israel is admired for its prompt and generous response to disasters overseas, and it’s the only country awarded the highest available UN ranking for its emergency field hospitals and medical teams.


Purchasing Israeli Government Bonds is simple and secure.

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