by Jon Simmons
Published June 23, 2019
Israel is the leading, largest most promising investment hub outside of the United States
Warren Buffett

Part 1/4  of the Investing in Israeli Companies Listed on the LSE series

It’s no secret that Israeli technologies are disrupting business models across the globe.

Such companies were sold for a total of $23 billion in 112 deals in a number of exit transactions including IPOs, mergers and buyout deals in 2017. This reflected the 19 per cent increase on 2016, according to a report by Israel-based IVC Research Center.

With bilateral trade and investment between Israel and the UK up 25% on last year to £6.9 billion, investors continue to look to the tech ‘startup nation’ as it confirms its authority as the world leader in software, telecommunication, semiconductors and pharma.

As an Israeli tech enthusiast and an early stage investor in Israeli startups, an overarching question comes my way. “What’s the best avenue to invest into Israel?”

From the Israel investment gatherings I host, one of the most prevalent themes is that many want to access to the most innovative Israeli businesses, but are aware that Seed and Round A investment into startups come with significant risk.

Israeli businesses that are established enough to make themselves open to foreign investors by listing publically outside of Israel are often considered a safer option.

Israel boasts the highest number of foreign companies listed on the Nasdaq, after China. But as we are in the UK.  Many are surprised to hear that there are 29 Israeli companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Hence the reasoning behind my 4 part series; Investing in Israel from the LSE, that highlights the Israeli companies available for share ownership by the occasional investor.

7 Israeli Technology Companies Listed on the LSE

Shares are available for purchase on all the Israeli companies mentioned below via established UK Share dealing platform Hargreaves Lansdown


1) Techfinancials Inc | Market Cap Band $10-$50M

TechFinancials Group is a technology developer supplying simplified trading products to online brokers worldwide. Their traditional product portfolio is now expanding to support the emerging blockchain based financial markets. In 2018/19 the company is planning to introduce a new line of products for online exchanges to meet the increasing demand for cryptocurrency trading and decentralized, blockchain based financial products.

MARKET SNAPSHOT: The worldwide simplified day trading market (FX/CFD), is steadily growing and is presently worth approximately c.$335Bn (daily) in trade volume.

.The 52 week high reached £17.50, and low £6.00, and closed 7th of August 2018 at £6.25. Data derived from multiple sources or calculated by Yahoo Finance. Please remember that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Shares can be purchased directly via Hargreaves Lansdown.

2) Starcom PLC | Market Cap Band $5-$10m

Starcom offers real-time tracking systems of fleet management and security applications for the vehicle and driver, container GPS and satellite monitoring, merchandise tracking and management, and a personal locator for the protection of individuals. Their products are sold in more than 53 countries and offered in 32 languages around the world.

The 52 week high at £3.39, 52 week low £2.30, closing at £2.60 on the 7th of August 2018.

3) Simigon Ltd | Market Capital Band $10-$50 Million

SimiGon is the developer of SIMbox™, a PC-based software platform providing the ability to create, modify, manage and deploy any simulation-based content – aircraft, ground vehicles, ships, weapons, sensors, eLearning material, and more – across a multitude of domains, such as training, research & development, operations analysis, and entertainment.

52 week high £21.00, 52 week low £13.10, closing at £14.50 per share on the 7th of August 2018.

4) Ethernity Networks LD | Market Cap $10-$50 million

Ethernity Networks is a technology solutions provider that develops and delivers data processing technology used in high-end Carrier Ethernet applications across the telecom, mobile, security and data centre markets. The Company’s core technology enables delivering data offload functionality at the pace of software development, improves performance and reduces power consumption and latency. 52 week high £120, 52 week low £25, closing at £29.50 the 7th of August 2018.

5) MTI Wireless Edge Ld | Market Cap $10-50m

MTI Wireless Edge is a world leader in the development and production of antenna solutions including Smart Antennas, MIMO antennas and Dual Polarity for wireless applications such as LTE, WiFi, Broadband Wireless Access and RFID.

Established in 1972, MTI supplies antennas for both military and commercial applications.

52 week high £39.75, 52 week low £20.11, closed on the 7th of August at £23 per share.

6) Telit Communications PLC | Market cap $100-$500m

Telit is a global leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) enablement. The company offers a broad range of portfolio of integrated products and services for end-to-end IoT deployments – including cellular communication modules in all technologies, GNSS, short-to-long range wireless modules, IoT connectivity plans and IoT platform services.

52 week high £202.64, 52 week low £100.25, closing on the 7th of August 2018 at £160.25 per share.


BATM Advanced Communications Ltd is a leading provider of real-time technologies for networking and cybersecurity solutions and for bio-medical and bio-waste treatment solutions. BATM produces broadband data and telecommunications solutions geared toward the needs of enterprises, corporate and Telecom networks.

BATM has several subsidiaries in the United States, France, Germany, UK, Poland, Austria and the Far East. Employing over 400 employees worldwide, maintaining an integrated R&D program between all its subsidiary companies.

52 week high £41, 52 week low £16.70, closing price of share on the 7th of August £41.00

“Thanks to quality education, Israel is one of the most advanced countries in the world ..


Israel is advancing in high-tech even more than other developed countries”

Bill Gates

“We believe that music has the ability to cross borders and penetrate walls. In essence like a bird, it flies on the wind. Our desire is simple, to use music to invest into the lives of people from all backgrounds, race and religions”
Justine Zwerling

Head of Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange


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The content of this article does not constitute as investment advice. Naturally not all Israeli companies are created equal and investors should do in-depth research before investing. Investors should review all risks entailed in their investments and make their own investment decisions based on their absolute discretion.