From his first visit to Israel and the Palestinian Territories in 2014, the founder and director of israelinvestment.org, Jon Simmons, was blown away by the level and technological innovation coming out this small region of the world. The bestseller ‘The Start Up Nation’ explains in detail the reason for the mindsets, culture and environment has driven such innovation.

How is it that this small, Biblically prophesised nation, (the size of Wales, if you’re British, and the state of New Jersey, if you’re from the States) produce so many businesses that have brought about such advances  in medical technology, healthcare, finance, agriculture and more.

The next question was, ‘how do invest in Israel?’  Confused by the multitude of options and the complexities, Jon set about on an investment journey. With the end destination transparency, and simplicity, when investing in Israel as a foreign citizen.

IsraelInvestment.org was birthed in Jerusalem, started to walk in London and now runs as an international community.

We aim to support retail investors to make objective and informed decisions when investing in Israel. We do this by way of introducting investors like you to partner with ISA approved (Israel Security Authority) Israeli professional investment, legal and advisory services.

Invest in Israel from the UK

supporting PALESTINIANs?


It should be said that nobody at israelinvestment.org is anti-Palestinian. As we are non-political group, we believe in trade with Palestinian businesses, and the support of grass route creative projects, is far more effective in building a financially independent and prosperous Palestinian community, in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.     

israelinvestment.org aims to support Palestinian entrepreneurs and business leaders through openpalestine.com and the Partnering for Palestinian Prosperity series on timesofisrael.com. We are grateful for the talented Palestinian web designers that have supported us in building this website and the digital communities.

Support Israeli and Palestinian Businesses

Investment areas


Israelinvestment.org works by way of introduction to our partner professional investment houses or advisory services. Working business relationships have already been established with the Investment Houses, and the introductions are confidential.

Four areas where we can help you invest in Israel:


Israelinvestment.org is set up to support investors from all-round the world. We are currently introducing investors from the UK, India and the United State to Israeli Investment and legal services.


You can invest in Israeli birthed companies on the LSEG London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, and the Nasdaq. See our content to invest in Israeli Birthed companies categories section.



If you are serious about taking your investment into Israel journey further, then complete your details in the Invest in Israel Contact Form the right.

By submitting the form, you agreeing that you will be contacted by a representative from Israelinvestment.org. You also understand that israelinvestment.org will discuss investment options, but does not provide financial advice.


Israelinvestment.org does not make investment recommendations to you, nor do we provide tax advice. No communications through this website or any other medium should be construed as an investment recommendation. If you have any questions with respect to legal, financial or tax matters relevant to your interactions with israelinvestment.org, you should consult a professional adviser. With all investments, your capital is at risk. The value of your investment may go down as well as up. Your investment is not covered by the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or any other compensation scheme. Israelinvestment.org is a website that facilitates a community of investors, and is not FCA regulated. UK investors should seek advice from your professional financial adviser before undertaking an investment.

All of the Israeli professional investment advisory firms that we affiliate with are regulated by the Israel Securities Authority, the ISA, which is Israel’s closest equivalent of the UK’s Financial Services Authority.

All of the firms have a portfolio of international private investors as clients, predominantly but not limited to the United States and the United Kingdom.