The founding director, Jon Simmons, is a small early stage investor in Israeli startups and has worked on large £1 million plus UK government funded websites. With a heart for ethical business, he has consulted in a marketing and digital capacity for startups in London, and is keen to see people achieve their financial goals by invest wisely in booming democracy that is Israel.

IsraelInvestment.org is a community that shares the common goal of seeing our savings go further. We do this through encouraging each other to seek out and invest equity in profit for purpose opportunities in Israel, Judea and Samaria.

Why start in Israel?

Each year in Israel there are 500+ venture financings and over 1000+ angel financings. Deal flow continues to rise and there is huge pent up and growing demand among Israelis and foreigners to participate in Israel’s “StartUp Nation” culture – and not just through investing in public stocks or mutual funds. If this is the case, why should the majority of crowdsourcing platforms remain in North America and Western Europe?

How we empower investors

Expert Contributions to the site

We aim for quality, actionable content written by those who know the the law of the land. From Asset Managers, successful investors and business leaders.

Articles are also written from investment houses based outside of Israel, but must have a track record of providing successful financial advice to non-Israeli companies, funds or individuals.

Investment Meetups

We run event meet ups in London and across the UK with expert speakers from the Christian or Jewish business and investment community from the UK and Israel.

Digital Community

Join our Israel Investment Forum (IIF) LinkedIn Community, and sign up to our to the Israelinvestment.org Newsletter below to receive notifications of our events.


IsraelInvestment.org Investment areas

Israelinvestment.org works by way of introduction to our partner professional investment houses or advisory services. Working business relationships have already been established with the Investment Houses, and the introductions are private and easy.

Four areas where we can help you invest in Israel:

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