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If you have already found an Israeli property, and are looking for lawyers, then we have partnered with Israeli Real Estate Property Lawyers that are experienced in serving Non-Israeli investors.

Israel is often characterized by a significant housing shortage. The Jewish Agency, which manages emigration into Israel, is expecting immigration to Israel to rise to a staggering 100,000 of the subsequent global economic slowdown.

The Chairman of JA told an Israeli Government committee that Israel could expect to see some 250,000 new Jewish immigrants over the next three to five years – a marked increase on the 30,000 that it currently receives every year.

Israel is a small country with an expanding population, high marriage and birth rates, and a constant flow of Olim (new immigrants). There are also many political and economic obstacles to releasing more land for development. This means that, despite government attempts to increase the supply of new homes, demand continues to outstrip supply. High property prices in Israel, that make it difficult for young people to rent, have created a strong rental market with good and steady rates of return.



Israelinvestment.orgs partners with Israeli licensed Real Estate Brokers, often referred to as Realtors, that have knowledge of residential and commercial Real Estate and working with Non Israeli Citizens. They are experienced in working with foreign investors, and provide the practical support that is often needed.

It is important that the Israeli Realtor that you choose has a multi-lingual team that are qualified to represent international investors.

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Following the global financial crisis in 2008, real-estate investment in Israel has generated the highest return. Property can be refinanced, redeveloped, and even repurposed if the market changes.


Whilst rent-to-value ratios in Israel are low, earning between 2-4% of the value of the property per year, consistent appreciation in real estate has made it worthwhile for many


Unlike many equity investments, brick-and-mortar investments are unlikely to disappear overnight, Real Estate is also flexible – if it appreciates you can sell it, and if the market is flat you can rent it.