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The Israeli economy has long won praise from the world’s savviest investors, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. has partnered with an experienced Israeli asset management firm that manages funds solely on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)

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The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange was established before Israel became a state. At that time (1935) it was called the Exchange Bureau for Securities, founded by the Anglo-Palestine Company. In 1953 the Bureau’s name was changed to TASE, marking Tel Aviv as the nation’s fledgling investment centre. Since that time the TASE has played a leading role in Israel’s phenomenal economic growth.

TASE for the private investor


Israel’s economy is one of the most resilient and vibrant economies in the world, largely avoiding the 2009 world recession, remaining stable since.

All three international credit rating agencies have upgraded Israel multiple times over recent years. 

Proven Innovation

Israel is one of the leading magnets for R&D investment. In fields as diverse as information technology, water conservation, counter-terrorism, medical breakthroughs, cyber security, disaster relief and more.

Talented Workforce

Israel boasts the world’s highest concentration of engineers and scientists per capita, and is ranked second in the OECD nations for post-graduate education. This drive for excellence fuels Israel’s economic development.

Flexibility & Variety

Israel’s capital markets offer opportunities for everyone: the long-term investor.

Interacting with Israel’s Capital Market

By working with our Israeli asset management partner, will assist you in taking informed decisions on the most suitable ways to invest in Israel’s capital market.

Interacting with Israel’s Capital Market

This type of account can be personal or corporate. A Premium Account can be in the name of a single individual, or jointly owned by two or three clients (relatives, partners etc.) or in the name of an organisation/corporation. A Corporate Premium Account is designed for investment by companies, non-profits, partnerships and other organisations.

While the minimum initial investment is at least £80,000 there is no upper limit to the funds that you can invest. Our regulated and experienced Israeli asset management partner will fully manage your Premium Account with Israel’s leading brokerage firms–all of whom are registered members of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Our Israeli partner is a licensed portfolio management company and has limited Power of Attorney to advise, buy and sell securities on your behalf. However, you have access to your accounts at all times via the brokerage’s online trading portal.

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Any time you desire, you can take advantage of our partner’s expertise to receive advice or a customised service.

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All of the Israeli professional investment advisory firms that we affiliate with are regulated by the Israel Securities Authority, the ISA, which is Israel’s closest equivalent of the UK’s Financial Services Authority.

All of the firms have a portfolio of international private investors as clients, predominantly but not limited to the United States and the United Kingdom.

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