by Jon Simmons
Published July 28, 2021


Buy Israel Stocks


Supporting Non-Israeli citizens to navigate Israeli Real Estate, and obtaining specialist Visa’s to live in Israel is our core focus as a business.  

We set out to connect Westerners with Israeli investment and living opportunities with informative content, without providing investment advice. The partnerships we have created have flourished, and we will continue to operate this as our core business model.

One of the most common questions we receive is


“How do I invest in Israeli Stocks?”


The culture of entrepreneurship and innovation that Israel has created has caught the world’s attention. From VC’s, multinationals businesses to savvy smaller retail investors.

As the economy evolves from tech startup, to scale up nation, many investors want to get in early. But getting access to these startups as a Non-Accredited, Non-Israeli citizen, can often take time.

So buying stocks (shares) in Israeli Founded companies on the international markets is often regarded as a safer option for smaller, international investors. 

For Westerners, the main financial markets in which you can buy stocks are the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ, or the London Stock Exchange.

But out of the approx 3300 companies listed on the NASDAQ, 2800 on the NYSE, and 1800 on the London Stock Exchange, identifying the Israeli founded companies has proven to be a time-consuming task.

So at, we have created an easy and simple way to track the Israeli founded companies listed on the financial markets.

We have built a spreadsheet tracker that includes all of the Israeli Founded companies, listed on the financial markets, along with their current market stock price. 

The updated Israeli Stock tracker makes tracking the Stock Price of Israeli Companies simple. It also goes one step further..

Should you then decide to purchase some stocks via your broker, you simply enter in details of your purchase into the spreadsheet tracker.

With the Israeli Stock Tracker, buying stocks in companies with Israeli founders can be done in three simple steps;

  • STEP ONE Purchase the Israel Stock Tracker here for $39.99. This price is the Beta introductory price and will be increasing soon.
  • STEP TWO Decide for yourself the companies you want to buy stocks in via your broker.
  • STEP THREE When you make the stock purchase via your broker, enter the share price, and no of stock you bought into the Tracker.

So far the feedback we have had from Israel enthusiasts has been strong.

 If you’re ready to 

By Jon Simmons, Director of and author of the Partnering for Palestinian Prosperity series.


We have built the Israeli Founded Companies Tracker, and are making it available for the introductory price of only $39.99.

The two trading platforms used at are Etoro, and Hargreaves Lansdown


Invest in Israeli companies


The Israel Stock Tracker does not, nor does any content on, constitute as investment advice. Naturally not all Israeli companies are created equal and investors should do in-depth research before investing. Investors should review all risks entailed in their investments and make their own investment decisions based on their absolute discretion.



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